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Truly Great Coffee

Indonesia is a Tropical Paradise for different premium types of The World's Best Coffee, with different characters and flavour.


One of our best specialities is Aceh Gayo 100% Arabica as a Grade-A coffee that awarded as one of the best coffee in the world. Our Aceh Gayo coffee beans originally comes from Gayo Highland, Sumatra, Indonesia and has been awarded as Fair Trade Certified ™ From International Organization Fair Trade on May 27, 2010.


The special taste combines the Strong Character with the Typical Taste of Aceh Land aroma, flavor, and viscosity that brings them to be awarded by The International Conference on Coffee Science as The Best Arabica coffee beans in the world.


Upnormal Coffee Roasters dedicate to the natural and organic process for Indonesian coffee.

our variant.

Gayo Aceh

The Arabica Coffee of Aceh Gayo is considered one of the most premium coffee beans in the world, it is harvested from plantations in the Central Aceh Region, it has a fine aroma and a pretty low bitter taste. Aceh Gayo coffee beans grow in a distinctive type soil in the highlands, thus making it almost impossible to find any other place outside its origin.

The Upnormal Blend

our special variants.

The Upnormal Houseblend Coffee is a union of Arabica Toraja Sapan, Arabica Gayo East Timor and Arabica Ciwidey Sigararutang blended with care and passion by our professional  roaster. Creating an enjoyable taste of sweet caramel, spices, palm sugar and toasted almonds in each sip of the coffee.

Our coffee beans planted not only in the right type of soil, but also at the correct altitude to stimulate their growth. Our premium coffee grown in microclimates, which are atmospheric zones with special properties that differ from the surrounding area. 

Our premium coffee made from uniquely flavored beans that are processed with special care and grown at select geographical locations.

Love in a cup of coffee

We believe that in every cup of a good quality coffee,

there is love to share and inspiration to inspire ...

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?” 
― Cassandra ClareCity of Ashes

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